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An Uncommon

At Asset Management, we’re looking for people who see things differently. People who think big and deliver bigger. Here, we don’t just follow trends. We create them.

As a privately held organization, we have the unique advantage to take a long-term, global view of the world and its markets. Our employees are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that drive our business and make a real impact on the lives of everyday shareholders.

If you’re an exceptional talent, you’re not looking for limits. Neither are we.

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Join Asset Management and you can continually build your skills and increase your value as an employee through a variety of offerings.

Training & Knowledge Sharing

Our Mission

Help our customers achieve their investment and business objectives by harnessing our deep and diverse capabilities.

Our Value

We are the global asset
management firm of choice for
investors seeking uncommon
insight and integrity.

Our Difference

  • Client-focused alignment
  • Diverse investment capabilities
  • Breadth and depth of research
  • Customized solutions
  • Culture of excellence

Fidelity analysts provide the latest insights on some of the biggest issues in the investing world. Learn more about Personalized Medicine, a new trend that can provide huge investing opportunities in innovative companies.

Thinking Big: Personalized Medicine

Video: Thinking Big: Personalized Medicine

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Green Shade

An Uncommon

Join one of the largest forward-thinking-teams of portfolio managers, analysts and traders in the industry, managing hundreds of mutual funds and institutional strategies encompassing virtually every investment class and category.

Green Shade

More than 20 million customers

  • 16 Fidelity Funds received 2012 Lipper Awards
  • Four Fidelity funds were named top 25 funds by Kiplinger's magazine
  • Fidelity Investment Canada was named "Advisors' Choice Investment Fund Company of the Year" in 2012 by Morningstar
  • John Carlson was named Morningstar's 2011 U.S. Fixed Income Fund Manager of the Year and Steve Wymer was nominated as the Domestic Stock Fund Manager of the year for 2012
  • Within Fidelity’s Asset Management organization, we believe deep of research, local market insight and global reach are the foundation for identifying better opportunities. We have been investing internationally for more than 40 years,and in the U.S. for more than 65 years..

    Global Careers
    Asset Management employees work in 16 cities across three continents

    Global Research
    We leverage the work of more than 400 research professionals around the world (as of 06/30/2014)

    Global Strategies
    We deliver a broad range of international investment strategies and products to our customers

    Fidelity Viewpoints
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    Green Shade

    An Uncommon

    From risk and compliance to finance and data analysis, you’ll help provide our investment staff with the critical resources they need to serve our 20+ million customers and shareholders every day.

    Green Shade
    • Attribution Analyst
    • Business Analyst
    • Data Analyst
    • Data Management Operations
    • Data Policy Manager
    • Finance Analyst
    • Holdings and Trades Data Services
    • Operations Support
    • Performance Analyst
    • Performance Attribution
    • Product Manager
    • Product Research and Implementation
    • Vendor Data

    Fidelity's chairman, Ned Johnson, introduced the company to kaizen, the Japanese idea that a number of small changes lead to big improvements over time.
    Our employees continually ask: how
    can we do this better?

    It's the catalyst for our innovation and ability to grow businesses.

    Media Thrive

    Be a valued partner providing critical support in the areas of:

    • Product Analysis and Implementation
    • Fund Oversight
    • Data Management
    • Compliance and Operational
      Risk Oversight
    Training & Knowledge Sharing
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    Green Shade

    An Uncommon

    Join our more than 1,500 technologists developing and deploying scalable, industry-leading technologies that support Asset Management research, portfolio management, trading and global investment strategies.

    Green Shade

    Corporate Insight Monitor Awards Gold in Product/Service, Range, Trading Tickets, News & Research, Alerts, Online Documentation.

    The above awards are from 2011-2012

    Mutual Fund Monitor Awards Gold in Fund Screeners, Retirement Resources and Education Resources.

    CNN Money - Top 5 Free Investing Apps
    Fidelity rated an "Essential App" for Android, iPhone and iPad.

    Detecting fraudulent activities

    Mapping data on a network

    Data packing for real-time streaming

    Methods and systems for selecting and managing
    network-accessible accounts

    Legacy risk

    Selecting investments for a portfolio


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    Fidelity Viewpoints
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