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Fidelity offers internships and full-time positions to help prepare you for a unique career path.

Find the program best suited for you:

  • Boundless
  • Undergraduate Programs
  • Graduate Programs

Explore your possibilities with Boundless—a discovery program for ambitious high school and undergraduate women getting ready to take the world by storm. Through events, education, and digital and social engagement, you will identify your strengths, discover your passions, set your path, and find your purpose.

We actively recruit hard-working, talented students to join our Asset Management Division. From summer internships to full-time jobs, you have the opportunity to excel personally and professionally, as well as learn from the best in the field.


All internships (unless otherwise noted) are 10 weeks and take place during the summer.

  • Associate Sector Specialist Intern

    Are you passionate about investments and technology?

    Our Associate Sector Specialist interns aggregate and evaluate industry data, providing general support to analysts and associates to help improve our overall investment performance.


  • Equity Research Associate Intern

    Imagine an internship where you research stocks and form investment recommendations that could be included in a multi-billion dollar mutual fund. Click below to learn more about this opportunity.


  • Real Estate Debt Securities Intern

    Have you thought about working in a role that intersects the real estate and financial services sectors?

    Our Real Estate Debt Securities interns gather data to enhance our commercial mortgage loan default database and participate in the credit analysis of commercial mortgage-backed securities.


Full-Time Positions

Find the internship that will put you on track to meet your professional goals. Surrounded by the industry's best and guided by a mentor, as an intern you'll have the opportunity to show us your strengths, gain relevant work experience, and build your network.


All internships (unless otherwise noted) are 10 weeks and take place during the summer.

  • Equity Research Analyst Intern

    Working with top corporate management teams and industry experts, Equity Research Analyst interns analyze an assigned group of companies within an industry to develop investment recommendations that have a direct impact on Fidelity’s funds.

  • Fixed Income Research Analyst Intern

    Fixed Income Research Analyst interns focus on one of three research groups (taxable, structured, or municipal). They analyze individual issuers and industries, as well as the structural aspects of securities in the fixed income markets.

  • High Income Research Analyst Intern

    High Income Research Analyst interns work independently to assess individual issuers and industries, as well as structural aspects of securities in the fixed-income markets.

    Meet Jared,
    a High Income Research Analyst

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